Changing times /Learning New Technology

In the last few weeks I dabbled some in video editing which was fun, and in the last few days I learned some new photography editing to convert photos to either drawings or paintings. It is all so cool!

The App called Photo Lab – is just on my iPhone. You just upload a picture and choose the type of drawing you want.

Check out some of these options:

Here I just added a border to my picture and lettering.

You could make your photo into a painting like Starry Night.

They are all really neat, and fun to play with. I’m still working up the courage to make actual videos for YouTube. I have lots of great research and information from years of analysis, and now I have tons of incredible tools at my disposal. I love doing the analysis and work to help people, but the public side is perhaps less appealing, other than letting people know how much I enjoy helping them.

I can’t decide which photo effect I like the best. How about you?

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