Clover and Bee

Coupled with a pandemic which is keeping everyone at home and this beautiful spring weather, our dogs, Clover and Bee are happy as can be (no pun intended). We are home all day, ready to give belly rubs, treats, or play a little extra chase in the yard, what could be better?

From a dog’s perspective, Life is Good. And indeed, so far, we have been fortunate. As we head toward what experts are calling the peak of this disease, we are all extra hunkered down, at home. Out of the blue last Friday afternoon, there was chaos outside as thousands of winged creatures gathered in our front yard, buzzing and clouding the warm spring air. In all of the chaos, a neighbor girl ran screaming by the front door, flapping her arms over her head, while a truck driving by stopped to gawk at the sight.

And then as soon as they came, the Carolina blue sky cleared and it was quiet. But then we noticed a dark spot in one of our trees and realized ALL of them had gathered there. Honeybees!

One of the greatest benefits of living in a great community is just that, the great community. A few quick messages and calls and help was on the way! Bees are apparently a hot commodity – everybody wanted them! It was great to know that even as we close our doors and social distance, we are all still connected even if it is via zoom or our phones for the moment.

Mecklenburg County has a Beekeepers association and a pair of Beekeepers came right over. Assessing the swarm, they estimated the tree had over 20,000 bees!

It was really cool to watch them work: Here is a quick video we made of the process. If the video doesn’t show below, click here :

The bees found a great new home, our community is still in a stay-at-home order, but as far as Clover and Bee are concerned, life is not just good, it’s great. 

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