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Welcome! I’m so glad you are here. I’ve spent the last 15 years studying and understanding construction and design, culminating with the construction of our own home. We faced all kinds of challenges from the outset from easement questions, to sewer line issues. The project was almost not to be. You can read all about that process here:

After finishing our own build, I couldn’t shake my desire to learn more. I switched my focus a bit from drawing my own designs to researching some of the public databases and using tools like Zillow and OpenDoor to look for investment properties. I got to know the areas around Lake Norman and the entire RTP area well. With a son at Chapel Hill and another son who spends several days a week playing tennis in Cary, I set my sights on finding the perfect investment property. In a perfect world, we could use it several days a week and we could rent it on the weekends as an Airbnb. Out came the spreadsheets and calculators figuring out a perfect model for such an investment. I like to feel like I’ve exhausted every possible resource. Once I got to that point, I called a Realtor in the RTP area. What I didn’t know was just how many resources she had access to that I didn’t. She helped me to find other properties in her databases (I didn’t know that Zillow doesn’t capture everything). When we ultimately decided on a property and were ready to make an offer, she gave us oodles of data to help us make an educated offer. She saved us money! Now, the property is an awesome investment and I am thankful for her help.

Of course, it didn’t sit well with me that she had access to so many resources that I did not. I went back to school and got my license. I am astounded by the resources available to me. More importantly, I have joined Helen Adams Realty which is by far the most amazing resource! The agents are knowledgeable and collaborative. Every day in the office I learn something. In addition, there is constant buzz about properties coming on the market, clients who are looking, etc. It is a really exciting time in Real Estate and I am thrilled to be part of such a great network of agents. This firm has also made massive investment in the new technologies coming to market. These new tools are disruptors for sure. It feels great to know that I will have access to this new tech, while still keeping it personal. No matter how much the technology advances, there is no substitute for relationships.

Several topics have been especially interesting to me over the last few years. Fortunately I’ve been able to spend some time researching those topics and I have also taken some classes where I’ve gotten great info. I only wish I’d learned some of these things sooner. Here are some of the topics I have been researching, living and learning:

-Kiddie Condos

-Real Estate Investing Formulas

-Tax Benefits of Home Ownership / Primary and Secondary Homes

-Airbnb / VRBO investing

-House Hacking

-Tiny Homes

-Saving for College through Real Estate

I plan to write a post about each one of these in the coming weeks. Subscribe below if you are interested in following! I hope you enjoy reading about these topics as much as I have enjoyed learning about them.

Rachel Mangiapane

Rachel Mangiapane


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